ZPL-1M-SIP-ELPRIB (an earthing lead to MT-205; MT-206) is applied as a primary protection tool against electric shock at de-energized sections of overhead lines in case of unplanned occurrence of high or induced voltage at these sections. The earthing lead consists of an earthing clamp, reciprocal bayonet module and earthing module. The operational principe of the earthing lead is the earthing of isolated overhead lines.

Permissible operating temperature is from –25 оC to +55 оC, at air relative humidity up to 80% at 25 оC.

  • Nominal Voltage, kV up to 1
  • Cable section, mm2 16
  • Ground step-down, m, not less 10
  • Bayonet modules number 1
  • Withstanding thermal current, kA/3 sec 2,5
  • Withstanding dynamic current, kA. 14
  • Overall sizes, mm 230x220x80
  • Weight, kg 2,3