Individual Voltage Indicator SNIN-K is distinguished as “automatic”. It is designed for preliminary estimate of voltage presence on current lines at a distance between lines and personal, which is considerable exceeding safety distance. Indicator designed for setting on
“SUPERBOSS” and “TERMOBOSS” type helmets of “UVEX” company and automatically powered during setting up it in slot for ear-laps strengthening. Indicator has an audible and light indication, and is intended for use service of current lines with nominal voltage from 6 up to 110 kV. Indicator is protected from fault indication, caused by powerful radio signals and from static electricity interference. It can be used with transition knot for setting on another helmets.

SNIN-K-KP indicator is a modification of SNIN-K which have additional function of periodic (once in 45sec.) indication of “operate” mode of device. It also constantly control the voltage of built-in power supply. If voltage of batteries less than 3V, the device turn on to continuously audible and light indication, pointing to replace batteries.

  • Working voltage range, kV from 6 to 110
  • Time of continuous running in indication mode,hours 48
  • Audible Signal level at a distance 0.5m, dbA 70
  • Distance range from OHL (6kV), m 2
  • Power supply, V 6( 4xG13)
  • Overall sizes, mm 100х50х44
  • Max. weight, kg 0,11