High voltage detector with light and sound indication combines two modes- contact and non-contact – to determine voltage presence or absence in AC electrical installations with commercial frequency of 110kV nominal voltage. The detector consists of a handle, insulating part and working part, combined with the indicating part. The insulating part has an inbuilt device for non-contact voltage detection and its power switch. The non-contact part indicates the presence of voltage by light signal (bright red LED) and sound (1-2Hz). Voltage detection at contact part is indicated by two light emitting diodes and the sound signal has a 4-5 Hz frequency. The device has a self-test system and a possibility for switching the non-contact part on and off. At voltage absence, the detector switches to power saving mode in 30 seconds. With the help of a unified adapter, the working part of the indicator may be used in combination with SHIUK rods or other multipurpose rods with М14 thread adapters. Указатель UVNU-110 SZ IP COMBI-K detector is fitted with an additional light-emitting diode for monitoring the status of power source.

  • Nominal Voltage, kV 110
  • Detector Ignition Voltage, kV 27,5
  • Frequency, Hz 50(60)
  • Minimal distance for triggering of non-contact part, m 3,5
  • Power supply, V 6(2 x CR2450)
  • Audible Signal Level, dBA 70
  • Handle length, mm 650
  • Insulating part length, mm 1450
  • Total length, mm 2510
  • Overall dimensions, mm:
  • Detector 2240х110х80
  • Working part 200х80х60
  • Max. weight (packed), kg 1,4
  • Temperature оC from - 30 up to + 55
  • Humidity %, at 25 оC up to 98